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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Customer Questions

What do you mean that your products are “Downloadable”?

Where I can find my download links?

How much time do I have to download my files?

What formats do you offer?

Where I can find files with textures?

I would like to check DEMO of collection before purchase.

Legal Questions

Can I sell visualizations which are using 3d models from CGAxis.com?

What is “Royalty Free”?

Can I sell entire 3D models I’ve purchased?

Payments & Tech Questions

I don’t have PayPal account! Is it possible to pay on your store using Credit Card?

Files I have downloaded are in .ZIP format, how to get my pack files?

I’ve payed 23% less for my order. What is going on? :)

My Account login and password from previous version of your store is not working on new CGAxis.com

How to gain access to my downloads from old version of your store?

Misc Questions

I am 3D artist and I would like to sell my 3D models on your store, is it possible?

If you did not found answer to your question in this FAQ, feel free to contact our Support Team – CLICK HERE.close

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