Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Customer Questions

What do you mean that your products are “Downloadable”?
We mean that almost instantly after your payment is accepted (via PayPal or Credit Card) you will receive your download links in to email inbox. In most cases whole payment process takes no longer than 2-5 minutes, after this timeframe you should receive an email message with links.
Where I can find my download links?
You can find your links in My Account section accesible via main menu on top. Also the copy of your link will be sent to you via email which you have provided when registering your account.
How much time do I have to download my files?
You can download your files anytime you like. Each file has 10 downloads limit though, but if you reach the limit and still would like to download your files, please send a note to our Support and we will reset the limit for you.
What formats do you offer?
Most 3D models avaialable on contains formats: 3ds Max: Scanline, VRay and Mentalray; Cinema 4D: Advanced Render, VRay; FBX and OBJ. Some collections have additional formats: LXO, Maya or TheaRender. Please read product descriptions carefully.
Where I can find files with textures?
All textures you will find in additional file called MAPS in every collection, Single models have all files in one zip.
I would like to check DEMO of collection before purchase.
95% of products available on our store has free demo file available. Simply use “DEMO” button on product details page to download free demo or check description to find additional free model to collection.

Legal Questions

Can I sell visualizations which are using 3d models from
Ofcourse! This is why we have created this site for! Once you purchase a 3D model on our store, you have full right to use it in any of your commercial projects.
What is “Royalty Free”?
Royalty-Free is a type of license where we own copyright to the 3D models on our store, but we can give you a license to use these 3D models in your projects, and you do not need to pay us any additional fees in the future.
Can I sell entire 3D models I’ve purchased?
Unfortunately not, because in fact we are selling a license to use our 3D models, which is non-transferable, so you can’t re-sell it or give it to someone else.

Payments & Tech Questions

I don’t have PayPal account! Is it possible to pay on your store using Credit Card?
No problem, in most countries PayPal is accepting Credit Card payments without a need to have registered PayPal Account.
Files I have downloaded are in .ZIP format, how to get my pack files?
ZIP is simply compressed folder containing all your pack files. You need to “unpack” the ZIP file to get access to your pack.

On a Mac: simply double-click ZIP file and it will be unpacked automatically, creating folder containing your 3d models over the ZIP file.

On PC (Running Windows): please download WinZip software and after installation right-click the ZIP file, choose “Extract to here” from menu. This will create regular folder containing your pack content.

My Account login and password from previous version of your store is not working on new
Most of accounts from previous store are copied to a new system with all your billing data, you have to only set a new password. To set a new password please CLICK HERE. If for any reason you did not get the reset link on the e-mail, please contact our SUPPORT
How to gain access to my downloads from old version of your store?
If you read Terms of Service on our old store you should be aware that your links are valid to download only in specific time from the purchase, so we are able to send you your links only if your time to download are not expired. We are sorry for this inconvenience. If you would like to receive your links, please send a message to our SUPPORT.

Misc Questions

I am 3D artist and I would like to sell my 3D models on your store, is it possible?
Of course! Please send us your example model in 3DS Max format with VRay materials on our email: project(at)

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